Dolphins 'to Take Part' in NATO Black Sea Drills - Report

File photo by bTV

US military dolphins and sea lions are due to participate in NATO's summer naval exercises in the Black Sea, a report by the newspaper Izvestia has suggested.

Speaking for the Russian edition, a spokesman for the US Navy's marine mammals program allegedly made the announcement.

Tom LaPuzza also noted that the Pentagon's plans include 20 dolphins, and 10 sea lions. Dolphins are to test an ant-radar systems, while sea lions "would look for mines".

The alliance recently approved measures to step up defense at its eastern flank as a response to the Ukrainian crisis.

This also involves boosting presence in the Black Sea and increasing the number of naval exercises among NATO members, as well as assistance in training Ukraine's military.

Earlier in April, Ukrainian authorities announced that a total of eight joint drills with NATO, including naval ones, had been scheduled for 2014.

Russia's RIA Novosti news agency previously reported that Russia was also planning to use dolphins in the Black Sea.

Izvestia suggests that this might lead "American and Russian military dolphins" to their first even meeting in the open sea.

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