International Conference of Young Scientists under way

BELGRADE - Belgrade is hosting the International Conference of Young Scientists (ICYS) until April 23, which is an unofficial world championship for research papers from several domains, bringing together high-school students from the entire world.

The conference, which opened on Friday, has presented research works from the domains of physics, mathematics, IT, environmental protection, biology and chemistry.

The event is bringing together young scientists from Indonesia, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, China, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Brazil, Singapore, Turkey, Hungary, Croatia and other countries.
The 21st conference should have been held in Ukraine, but due to the recent developments in that country, the Belgrade-based regional center was tasked with organizing it.

Over 100 young scientists will present their research papers from various domains, and the goal of the organizer is that high-school students get to learn the research methods.
Nikola Srzentic, director of the Regional Centre for Talented Youth II, wished foreign guests to feel at home in Belgrade and have success in their further scientific endeavors.

The opening ceremony at Dom Omladine was attended by the Indonesian Ambassador to Serbia, and representatives of the Hungarian and Malaysian Embassies.
Participants' works will be graded by a seven-member international jury comprising experts from all domains.

The conference has 43 active member countries, and it has so far gathered over 3,500 young scientists from various countries.

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