Progressives decide on new parliament speaker

Maja Gojković (Tanjug, file)

Progressives decide on new parliament speaker

BELGRADE -- B92 learned on Tuesday that the new president of the Assembly of Serbia will be official of the Serb Progressive Party (SNS) Maja Gojković.

This proposal has been supported by 30 MPs and is already in parliament.

Jana Ljubičić, who until now served as parliament's secretary general, told Tanjug that the proposal arrived at the secretariat and will be discussed during the session scheduled for Wednesday.

According to her, it is the only nomination so far, while the candidates for deputy speakers will be discussed later.

The media in Belgrade reported today that the SNS, after giving up on the idea of instituting a "rotating president" of parliament, came up with a shortlist of candidates.

The Serbian parliament will on Wednesday select its speaker, deputy speakers, and working groups, which will complete the constitution of the highest legislative body.

A session held on April 16 confirmed the mandates of new MPs.

On Thursday, they are expected to consider laws on government and ministries and vote on the drafts on Saturday, April 26.

After this a new government can be elected, with ministers expected to take the oath on April 27.

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