Clashes between Rival Rallies in Ukraine's Odessa Leave 4 Dead

A number of rallies of both pro-Russian supporters and Maidan activists have recently been held in Ukraine's third-largest city. Photo by EPA/BGNES

At least four people died in southern Ukraine's city of Odessa in clashes between pro-Russian activists and Maidan supporters on Friday.

An unknown people were injured, but according to UNIAN news agency at least three police members were among them.

Smoke grenades and Molotov cocktails were hurled between the two groups, and shots were heard in downtown Odessa as the rival rallies met, according to local Ukrainian media.

Russia's RT channel claims over 2000 protesters took part in the incident. Football club members were reportedly among the participants in clashes.

Odessa, the third-largest city in Ukraine, is also home to a vast part of the country's 200 000-strong Bulgarian minority.

Situated in Ukraine's south-west on the Black Sea coast, it has not taken an active part in recent unrest, despite a reported significant number of federalization supporters.

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