Slovenian prime minister resigns

(Tanjug, file)

Slovenian prime minister resigns

LJUBLJANA -- Slovenian Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek has announced her resignation after a year in office.

Bratušek said she informed the country's president and parliament of her decision.

She posted the text of the resignation letter on her Twitter and Facebook accounts. It said that "the citizens themselves must say who should lead the government" and that this was "the only right way."

Bratušek stepped down after losing party elections to Ljubljana Mayor and founder of the Positive Slovenia party Zoran Janković.

After meeting with coalition partners on Saturday Bratušek announced it was concluded that early elections held as soon as possible, "even before the summer" would be best for Slovenia.

As reported by the Slovenian media, Bratušek said the political situation was no cause for "panic" because the government had stabilized public finances, while economic forecasts for the period until the end of the year were "better than before."

"The achieved results and forecasts show that Slovenia is on the way to success," she added.

The Slovenian opposition criticized, however, the decision, stating that Bratušek should have stepped down as prime minister as soon as she lost the party election.

However, it remains unclear when early elections would be scheduled. Most MPs and Bratušek herself are in favor of going to the polls before the summer, while some MPs believe that elections cannot be held before the fall.

The earliest date that has been mentioned is June 22, or early July.

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