Victory Day concert at Russian House

BELGRADE - The famous Russian folk music ensemble Gubernia from Tver, Russia, will stage a concert marking the Victory Day, May 9, at the grand hall of the Russian House in Belgrade this Thursday evening.

The Gubernia ensemble, which the Serbian public remembers from its 2010 tour, is set to perform popular pieces of Russian classical music and folklore miniatures, the Russian House announced.

The Russian Choir of the Belgrade Russian House will also perform at the concert, as guests of Gubernia, which was founded in 2002 within the Tver House of Folklore.

All members of the Gubernia ensemble are professional musicians, with conservatory education and vast experience as professional concert artists.

The ensemble's artistic director is Vladimir Derevyagin, whose original pieces and arrangements of folk standards, such as the popular "Kalinka" or the gypsy romance “Ochi Chyornye", are full of creative imagination and musical humor.

The ensemble has consistently confirmed its high level of performance by winning numerous international and state competitions.

The ensemble's performances are marked by innovative directing style, freedom of musical expression and great energy and virtuosity of artists, Belgrade's Russian House noted in the release.

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