Bulgaria's Prosecution Investigates Singer Over a Joke With Panda

Photo: www.facebook.com/vanya.shtereva

Bulgarian actress, author and singer Vanya Shtereva and her boyfriend were  called into the local police station to explain whether they are keeping a pet panda at home. 

“Alex and I were called into the police,” Shtereva wrote on her Facebook page. “We gave written explanations. The panda case was referred to the prosecution by the Environmental Ministry, after they received “a letter from an upright citizen” that we are keeping a panda at home.””

According to Shtereva, the misunderstanding must have happened because recently she told on TV of a joke her boyfriend pulled on her for Valentine's Day. He posted notices around their neighborhood that they have lost a panda, referring to the fact that he calls her “the lost panda” and she calls him “koala”. 

The joke went viral in the social networks and the media.  

“It became clear, that I am the panda,” Shtereva wrote. “And they're still looking for me. I can't believe how is it possible for such dumb people to exist. This is despairing. A lot. People in this country don't even get the jokes.”

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