Dodik: Floods claim six lives in Doboj

BELGRADE – Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said in Belgrade on Saturday that the bodies of six flood victims were found in the morning in Doboj, Republika Srpska, a town on the Bosna river that is the hardest-hit by the floods in the Serb entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dodik said that his meeting with Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic later in the day was organised to establish coordination and jointly deal with the problems caused by the floods in Serbia and Republika Srpska.

At a joint press conference after the meeting, Dodik thanked Vucic for the understanding shown and assistance provided to Republika Srpska in the difficult situation.

For the second consecutive day, Republika Srpska has been supplying 50 MW of electricity to Serbia to help keep its electric power system running, despite the fact that it, too, is experiencing problems with electric power supplies, he said.

He warned that both Republika Srpska and Serbia are to face a difficult period of recovering from the damage caused by the floods and clearing the ground. Dodik said that he saw oil spills, barrels and dead cattle during Friday's visit to Doboj, where water levels reached 6 m in some spots.

The difficult consequences will have to be remedied and it will be another blow to the economies of Serbia and Republika Srpska, which are already going through a crisis, Dodik said.

Speaking about the problems caused by the floods in Republika Srpska, Dodik said that the water that is now flowing into the Sava from the Vrbas, Bosna and Drina rivers is making the situation in the Semberija and Lijevce Polje regions even worse, with the towns of Brcko, Samac and Bijeljina the hardest-hit by the deluge.

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