Humanitarian aid arriving from countries, organizations

A Russian helicopter crew delivered aid to Šabac on Tuesday (Tanjug)

Humanitarian aid arriving from countries, organizations

BELGRADE -- The Serbian Interior Ministry said on Tuesday that relief aid for flood victims is expected to arrive from Japan, and the OSCE.

In addition to assistance coming in daily from all parts of the world, Danish, Slovak and German water pump teams should arrive later in the day.

International relief aid and equipment that will be used to save lives and deal with the consequences of the floods in the afflicted areas is arriving daily, with teams from the Russian Federation, EU member states and regional countries working with their Serbian colleagues on the ground around the clock to evacuate and help those in danger.

The United Nations, the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and other countries have sent equipment and food.

A plane carrying relief aid from Baku, Azerbaijan, landed late Monday at the Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade. The aid includes motorboats and plastic boats, generators, boat engines, tents, rescue equipment, pumps, gas bottles, flashlights, canisters and blankets.

A fourth shipment of Russian aid - 28 tons of baby and solid food, sugar, sleeping bags, tents and another power generator - arrived at the Konstantin Veliki airport in Niš.

The UN has established a team within the Emergency situations sector to coordinate the relief effort with the Serbian authorities and help local authorities deal with the consequences of the floods.

Also, an EU team for relief facilitation of the Community Mechanism for Civil Protection is in Serbia in order to help the country's authorities and coordinate the assistance coming from the EU.

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