WHO expert: Situation in Serbia tragic, measures considered

BELGRADE - The situation in Serbia is tragic, and the World Health Organization (WHO) is assessing the current state, primarily in relation to the supply of drinking water and sanitary conditions so as to propose measures for public health prevention, WHO senior official Oliver Schmoll said in a statement to Tanjug.

"The situation in Serbia is, indeed, a tragic situation. We have seen the severe consequences the floods are causing to the country. They go beyond impacts and economic scale," said Schmoll, program manager at the WHO European Center for Environment and Health (ECEH), who came to Serbia.

"Our mission here is to look at the health issues that are related to the flooding, and in particular to the provision of safe drinking water and sanitation services during the flooding events," this expert on infectious diseases, health safety and environment said at the Serbian Public Health Institute.

State Secretary at the Health Ministry Vladimir Djukic told Tanjug that the WHO already launched certain activities through its director for Serbia.

"The senior official of the organization came to Belgrade so that we make an assessment of the situation together, as well as a list of necessary things, medicines and disinfectants which will arrive in Serbia as the WHO aid very soon," Djukic underscored.

Photo Tanjug Video, camera operator Andrija Djuric

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