Humanitarian aid arrives from Sweden

BELGRADE - Humanitarian aid including three tons of canned food, water, and clothes arrived at Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport from the Kingdom of Sweden for the flood-affected citizens in Serbia.

Aside from the Swedish aid, the humanitarian assistance including equipment and foodstuffs for the flood-hit areas continues to arrive from the EU countries and the region, the Interior Ministry (MUP) stated.

“The assistance such as foodstuffs, water, clothes, necessary baby care products, personal hygiene products, ambulances, boats, generators, water pumps, fuel, wheelbarrows and shovels are being sent to the affected areas to help the clean-up of consequences and saving people,” reads the statement by MUP.

The Danish UNICEF has sent water pumps amounting to EUR 65,000

On Tuesday, the humanitarian aid arrived from associations of citizens, churches, the Serb diaspora, municipalities, and companies from Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Montenegro, Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Austria and the Czech Republic.

The equipment and foodstuffs were also sent from the UN, the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, the Czech Republic and they are being distributed via Red Cross.

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