No danger of animal disease outbreaks

BELGRADE - Most flood-hit areas in Serbia have been cleaned up to remove the carcasses of animals killed in the floods, while the rescued animals are under veterinary supervision and there is no danger of disease outbreaks, director of Serbia's Veterinary Directorate Dejan Bugarski said Wednesday.

There are enough medicines for the time being, but vaccines and animal food products are needed in quantities twice as large as currently available, he emphasized.

The animals rescued during the floods are checked daily for any signs of illness, they are well looked after and receive adequate veterinary care, Bugarski said, adding that the plan is to immunize animals in the flood affected areas in order to prevent the infections that spread primarily through contact with the soil.

"We have established constant communication with our colleagues in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, we exchange information and we will continue to adjust to the situation," Bugarski told reporters at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Around 500 tons of animal carcasses recovered both in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina have so far been rendered into meat and bone meal (MBM) which is to be incinerated later on, Bugarski said.

Photo Tanjug, J. Pap/ (Archive, illustration)

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