Arad City to host 'Secret Chat' international literature festival

Photo credit: (c) Paul BUCIUTA / AGERPRES ARCHIVE

Writers from the US, Hungary, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Moldova and Romania will be attending this year the first edition of the 'Secret Chat' International Literature Festival, June 5-8 in Arad.

Guests of the festival are David Berman, one of the most important US poets and also a musician, a cult figure of the underground; Hungarian writer Dragoman Gyorgy, whose works have been translated into more than 30 languages; Irish Philip O'Ceallaigh, along with illustrious names of the Romanian literature: Mircea Cartarescu, Dan Sociu, Adrian Schiop, Ionut Chiva, Vlad Moldovan, V. Leac. The guest list also comprises famous literary names such as Maxim Blum, Lavinia Braniste, Dmitri Miticov, Cosmina Morosan, Vlad Moldovan, Vasile Leac, Irina Bruma, Cristina Ispas, Adrian Schiop, Rares Moldovan, M. Dutescu, Andrei Dobos, Ionelia Cristea, Stelian Muller, Hit Grrl, Radu Andriescu, Ion Buzu and Dumitru Badita.

The concept proposed by the organisers for the first edition of the festival is "Do it yourself". This is a concept that allows invited creators to express themselves naturally and more or less fully before the public, directing their presence in the festival alone. In other words, the author comes up with a type of venue (bookstore, theatre hall, literary cafe) infrastructure (screen, sound, stages, projector, etc.) and organisers take them up on their proposals, preparing the venue, infrastructure and inviting the public.

In that sense, the 'Secret chat' will be held in various locations of the city of Arad, with different mise-en-scenes adjusted for events. The traditional book lunches and readings will be there, rounded up by photo and video projections, roundtable debates, music and poetry sessions and live projections of the...

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