Police reportedly unsure if cocaine was destined for Albania

Police reportedly unsure if cocaine was destined for Albania

BELGRADE -- An investigation has been launched in Montenegro to determine if the recent record haul of cocaine was really intended for Albania, the daily Politika writes.

Other possibilities include a buyer in Montenegro or in Kosovo, according to the report.

Last week, customs officers in the port of Bar in Montenegro found 250 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a shipment of bananas, and according to sources close to the police, the cargo was most likely meant to be unloaded in Montenegro.

According to the Customs Administration, the containers arrived in Bar on June 3 from Ecuador in Latin America , in a ship owned by the Italian company MCI.

The ship's documentation said the containers were sent by Vimticorp from Ecuador, while the recipient was the Rrapo Company in Albania.

According to the documentation, the container was supposed to be transported by land to Albania. The report notes that it is "interesting" that the ship immediately upon unloading its cargo in Montenegro sailed to the Albanian port of Durres.

The Montenegrin police said last week that specialized police teams with the office of the special prosecutor were conducting an extensive investigation to determine who owns the drugs, who knew about the shipment, and whether it was in fact bought by someone in Montenegro.

The newspaper said it learned from high ranking officials of Montenegro's police that a special investigation was also led into whether the cocaine was indeed intended for Albania or if the client was someonein Montenegro or Kosovo.

"Now that such a large amount of drugs, worth about EUR 14 million, have been found, it...

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