Red Star expelled because of 7.8 millions

Red Star expelled because of 7.8 millions

The Red Star FC management job to get the license was more complicated than it initially seemed. The mission was almost impossible because of inherrited debts, the Blic learns.

In order to try to solve the problem of the license for Europe, the club first had to de-block the account with 2.3 million Euros. Then it had to pay the debt of 5.5 million Euros to clubs, footballers and managers. This means that the management had to find the above mentioned 7.8 millions.


It is clear that in such a situation even better organized managements would not be able to act better. The Red Star FC sought help from the general sponsor, the Russian 'Gazprom'. This company reacted positively and secured 1.4 million Euros within a short period of time. That money has been deposited to an account in order to secure guarantee for issuing of the license by the FSS (Football Association of Serbia).

The club then turned to securing the remaining assets primarily through sale of footballers and search for new sponsors until June 30 when it is to be faced with a new checking by the UEFA.

Howevert, problems in the management appeared. Namely there was an idead that a part of the deposit (half a million of Euros) should immediately distributed to footballers of the actual team in order to hush their dissatisfaction.
The other idea was that the footballers should wait in order to continue the struggle for the license. However, on Friday the UEFA expelled the Red Star FC from the European Champions League.

The management shall now try to file complaints in order to have the UEFA decision changed although it is clear to all that the chances for something like...

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