Beginning of assessment of needs in flood consequence repair

BELGRADE - The Serbian authorities initiated on Tuesday the assessment process concerning the needs in the repair of the consequences of recent floods, and it is being conducted in cooperation with the European Commission, World Bank and the UN, the European Commission and the Serbian government European Integration Office released.

According to the joint release, the cooperation will facilitate an efficient and timely shift from assistance provision to development under the guidance by the Serbian government.

The assessment will cover the physical damage and economic losses, and the consequences for the citizens in the flood-hit areas and their needs in the recovery will be established.

The assessment of needs is being conducted in cooperation with the ministries coordinated by the Office for aid and recovery of the flood-hit areas.

Experts and officials of the Serbian government, the EU Delegation in Serbia, the European Commission, UN and the World Bank will define the needs and priorities in the repairs, forming a link between the humanitarian aid and immediate long-term recovery efforts in cooperation with municipality and civil society in the flood-hit areas.

The assessment aims to activate donors' support to Serbia, including the aid provided by the EU Solidarity Fund, UN Consolidation Assistance, as well as World Bank, EBRD and EIB through loans.

The assessment will define the social and economic consequences and costs caused by the floods, especially in the priority sectors including agriculture, transport, trade and industry, as well as the costs and consequences for private households, companies and the public sector.

The short-term, mid-term and long-term framework for repairs...

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