New Libya backs stronger cooperation with Serbia

BELGRADE - New Libyan Ambassador to Serbia Tajori Shrady Tajori delivered the credential letters to Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on Monday and said that his appointment for the office represents an expression of the wish of the new Libyan government to improve its cooperation with Serbia.

Tajori noted that he is the first ambassador of the new government of Libya to be granted credentials in Serbia after the February 17 revolution, adding that his appointment is an expression of the strong wish and aspiration of the new Libya to improve the cooperation between the two friendly countries and achieve the goals shared by the two friendly nations.

The new Libyan government is committed to continuation of development of bilateral relations in all sectors, especially in economy, healthcare, education and defence, Tajori said.

Nikolic stated that Serbia and Libya share traditionally friendly ties based on mutual respect and strong commitment to development of bilateral cooperation in all fields of mutual interest, primarily in economy.

Nikolic and Tajori stated that the Libyan diaspora in Serbia and the Serbian diaspora in Libya will contribute to a large extent to the improvement of bilateral relations. Students from Libya attending classes in Serbia will serve as the best bridge of cooperation and development of relations, they said.

Nikolic thanked the Libyan community in Serbia on solidarity and humanitarian aid delivered to the individuals in the areas recently hit by severe floods.

Photo Tanjug/S. Radovanovic

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