New police team for Milovic and Buha

New police team for Milovic and Buha

Prosecutor orders investigation of claims made by Darko Saric. A special Working Group of the Home Ministry shall talk in the following days with the UKP Chief-of-Staff, a witness collaborator and the charged Darko Saric, the Blic learns

Miljko Radisavljevic, the Prosecutor for Organized Crime ordered yesterday investigation over claims made by Darko Saric about connections of Rodoljub Milovic, the Chief-of-Staff of the Police Administration for Crime and Ljubisa Buha Cume. The investigation shall be carried out by a newly formed Working Group that shall have to interrogate Milovic and Buha regarding claims made by Darko Saric.

- The inspectors of the Working Group shall also interrogate Saric to check if he has proofs for his claims – our source says. During the so far trial, Saric mentioned on several occasions ‘general Papaja’ who had staged a court trial against him and accused him of taking 7.4 million Euros.

As late as on Monday Saric revealed that the general Papaja is Milovic. However, this time he accused Buha for taking 7.4 million Euros. He called Buha - Character Mango.

- Papaja’s best friend is Character Mango. That is the man who made the Zemun clan. He purchased asphalting machines with money taken for murders and abductions.


I do not want that I and my friends stand trial for 7,420,000 Euros that he took. If he has given that money to me, let him come here and say so – Saric, accused for drug smuggling and dealing, said.

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