The youngest Doctor of Science to leave Serbia

State’s message to Aleksandar Novakovic: See for yourself The youngest Doctor of Science to leave Serbia

If I get no offer, I shall have to leave. In my job changes happen every day. One has to learn and create every day. That is the future of the science.

This is what Aleksandar Novakovic, the youngest Doctor of Science of the Kragujevac University says. He is only 25 and his works have been already published in the most prestigious scientific magazines.

- I am not someone who is after money. To me knowledge is the only wealth. Unfortunately, I see that this is not appreciated in our country. It seems that nobody notices clever and talented young people and there are many of them in Serbia – Aleksandar says.

He is dealing with artificial intelligence and has made a computer program that can predict condition of great dams. In other words it can save people from disaster and a country from damage caused by flooding. However, his homeland Serbia does not have a job for him. He has found a job by himself in a private software company.

- I got my PhD title in February this year on the techniques of computer intelligence studying behavior of dams. At the time when the dams were built in Serbia, such science did not even exist. The crucial thing is that data are being fed into computer: rainfalls, water levels, dam condition, temperature of concrete, leaking if any and many other data… These data are being recorded and collected for years. With a help of artificial intelligence it is being predicted what and when can happen. This is how the most developed countries are preventing huge accidents or how they know when and what measures to undertake. The program that I made can be used in all...

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