Concert, reception held to celebrate National Day of Egypt

BELGRADE - Egyptian Ambassador to Serbia Menha Mahrous Bakhoum organized a concert by a mixed international choir and a reception to celebrate National Day of Egypt, with a message that the historical unity of the Egyptian people, whose culture is characterized by religions intertwined in harmony, could be applied to Serbia as well.

The concert shows the unity that we (Egyptians) have always had and passed to the world as a message of peace between the greatest religions – Christianity and Islam, Ambassador Bakhoum said while addressing the guests before the beginning of the concert at Belgrade’s Sava Centar.

The message of peace can be applied to Serbia, where, too, we have both Christians and Muslims, said Bakhoum.

She said Serbia shared many values with Egypt, such as strength of national character, pride in national heritage, openness and warm hospitality, which she had experienced herself and saw our country as her “second home.”

Relations between Serbia and Egypt are very good, and we are not speaking just of the “golden age” of Tito and Nasser but also of relations from the time when Serbia was a kingdom, the establishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries as early as in 1908, said Ambassador Bakhoum.

I am grateful to Serbia for supporting the Egyptian people in these times of turbulent change and aspirations towards democracy, Bakhoum said, wishing Serbia all the best on the road it had chosen - to welfare and prosperity of the Serbian people in the future.

The concert was attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps, government, religious communities, political, cultural and public life.


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