Belgrade lawyers continue strike, others resume work

BELGRADE - The Bar Association of Belgrade (AKB) has said that it will continue to strike until its demands are met, while lawyers in other parts of Serbia resumed work on Monday.

The AKB executive board said in a statement that the strike, which started on June 18, will continue due to the fact that the livelihood of most lawyers is under threat.

Also, the Bar Association of Serbia has decided to set a September deadline for the government to decide whether lump sum taxes will be restored to levels that were in place last year.

The strike started in Belgrade on June 18, spreading to other parts of the country.

Lawyers who pay lump sum taxes are disgruntled by multiplied taxes and want the Ministry of Finance to scrap new regulations that they say increase tax liabilities by 40 percent, or even by 100 to 300 percent in some cases.

Photo Tanjug, Z.Zestic

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