Jelisaveta Karadjordjevic moves to Villa Crnogorka

BELGRADE – By virtue of a decision by Serbia’s Agency for Restitution, Princess Jelisaveta Karadjordjevic moved to Villa Crnogorka in Belgrade, decades after its confiscation by the Yugoslav communist government in 1947, on Tuesday.

Villa Crnogorka, which served as premises of the Montenegrin Embassy and Residence, was returned to Princess Jelisaveta and Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic as its rightful owners based on their succession rights.

Princess Jelisaveta and Prince Aleksandar are children to Prince Pavle Karadjordjevic and Princess Olga, of the Romanov line, who owned the villa.

Princess Olga Karadjordjevic was rehabilitated by Serbia’s rehabilitation law.

The villa handover and moving ceremony was attended by Prince Aleksandar II Karadjordjevic and his wife Princess Katarina, Prince Mihailo, son of Prince Tomislav, and his mother Linda, the royal family's press office said in a release.

Crown Prince Aleksandar II Karadjordjevic extended his congratulations and best wishes to Princess Jelisaveta on her moving to Villa Crnogorka, and his wife, Crown Princess Katarina, and sons, Princes Petar, Filip and Aleksandar, joined the congratulations.

Prince Aleksandar voiced hope that the rest of the confiscated property would soon be given back to the Karadjordjevics and many other families who had suffered the same injustice, the release said.

Photo Tanjug, STR

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