PM Ponta welcomes Martin Schulz's reelection as EP President

Photo credit: (c) Alex TUDOR / AGERPRES PHOTO

Prime Minister Victor Ponta welcomed the re-election of Martin Schulz as President of the European Parliament, stressing that he has great confidence in him following the unswerving support the German politician has offered Romania in the EU.

"I join all PES members and sympathizers in welcoming Martin Schulz's re-election as President of the European Parliament! He is a man I greatly trust, who has always fought for the interests of the European citizens and who has strongly supported Romania in the European Union! Congratulations and success in everything you undertake," reads the Prime Minister's Facebook post.

German Social Democrat MEP Martin Schulz was elected on Tuesday President of the European Parliament for two years and a half, with 409 out of 612 valid votes cast in the first ballot cast in the EP plenary meeting in Strasbourg.

According to an agreement reached on June 24 by the EEP and the European Social-Democrats, Schulz will head the European Parliament until January 2017, when the EPP Group will take over this office. AGERPRES

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