One Dead, Over 40 Injured in Bulgaria Storm

One person died in a city park after hailstones, some the size of golf balls, blasted Sofia, Bulgaria, on Tuesday.

Parts of the capital were left without electricity as a result of the storm and even mobile phone communication was disrupted for several minutes.

Cars in Sofia suffered extensive damage. Insurance companies have drawn up special procedures for reporting damages in an attempt to minimize waiting times.

Insurance companies will also be working overtime and during the weekends in order to assist clients.

The storm also caused severe floods and traffic jams. Public transport was hampered for some hours, and many buses and trams were affected. Among the many flooded buildings is the Sofia Emergency Care building.

The government on Wednesday approved an additional sum of 1.2 million BGN (about 600,000 euro) to be spent on anti-hail rockets. The total cost of the damage caused by the hail is yet to be determined.

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