Hailstorm Caused Extensive Damage to Car Dealerships in Sofia

Photo: BGNES

The majority of used car dealerships suffered extensive damage from the severe hailstorm in Sofia on Tuesday afternoon, reports bTV. 

A car dealership owner told the channel that the hailstones broke or deformed the windshields, back windows, headlights, mirrors, fenders of the cars and noted that the newer cars had more damage, than the old. “The old cars are sturdier,” he said. 

The man added that he and his colleague couldn't do anything to protect the cars, as everything happened very quickly. He said the losses of other car dealerships were also considerable as they will be forced to sell the damaged cars at much lower prices. 

“It is a tragic situation,” he said. “We, at least, have nets, which offered some protection, but the colleagues suffered even greater losses.”

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