RS leader says U.S. diplomat is "pathological liar"

(FoNet, file)

RS leader says U.S. diplomat is "pathological liar"

ŠAMAC -- Milorad Dodik said on Tuesday that the U.S. charge d'affaires in Bosnia-Herzegovina Nicholas Hill is "a pathological liar and proven troublemaker."

As reported by the media Banja Luka, the president of Bosnia's Serb entity, the Serb Republic (RS), added that Hill "significantly contributed to bring about an escalation of conflicts in the former Yugoslavia."

Commenting on the American diplomat's statement about dissatisfaction in the RS over "endemic corruption of this entity's leaders," Dodik told reporters that Hill was "lying through his teeth - everything he said and everything he is saying is a lie."

"His statements regarding the leadership of the RS are primarily related to me. A story planted by the SDS (party) over ten years ago, about my property in Cyprus, is a complete lie. I believe Hill is doing this on purpose to support the SDS, and I also believe he is a pathological liar," Dodik said while visiting the town of Šamac.

Hill made his remarks several days ago to reportedly say that dissatisfaction was "bubbling" in the Serb entity over "endemic corruption of its leaders, deals that make rich their family members, stories about luxury real estate in Belgrade and Cyprus, RS judges who are pressed to ignore bribery and ensure that cases of corruption never see the light of day in court. "

Dodik believes it is "sad that a representative of an embassy, ​​such as the American one, is behaving in this manner in a country," adding that he was "sending back false reports."

"It's his personal position. As for the U.S., I think it is a prisoner of such frustrated and bad people, who are in the field and have for years...

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