Erdoğan slams Obama, Turkish women's rights activists over Gaza

Erdoğan, İhsanoğlu, Demirtaş

As Palestine becomes a presidential campaign issue for all three candidates in Turkey, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has criticized U.S. President Barack Obama for stressing Israel's "right to self-defence" about its military operation in Gaza. Erdoğan also slammed women's rights activists in Turkey, alleging that "they have the same mentality" with ultra-nationalist Israeli lawmaker Ayelet Shaked.

"Terrorist state Israel has attacked Gaza one again, hitting innocent children who were playing on a beach," Erdoğan said during address to his supporters at a campaign rally in the Black Sea province of Ordu on July 19.

The crowd frequently interrupted Erdoğan's speech by chanting "Down with Israel."

"They always curse at [Adolf] Hitler, but they now even exceed him in barbarism. Some Americans ask why Mr. Prime Minister [Erdoğan] makes such comparisons with Hitler. What's that to you? You're America, what's Hitler got to do with you," Erdoğan asked.

U.S. President Barack Obama had backed Israeli's right to self-defence, but warned against escalation in Gaza, in his phone call with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hours before Erdoğan's speech.

"What self-defence? One Israeli is killed, and over 300 Palestinians... What kind of defence is that? Israel has everything including nuclear bombs, but they say that Palestinians shouldn't be armed. With what will they defend themselves then," Turkish PM reacted.

Erdoğan also referred once again to Ayelet Shaked, a deputy of Israel's ultra-nationalist Jewish Home party. Pro-Palestinian media last week accused Shaked of inciting violence after she posted an extract on Facebook from the writings of another Israeli journalist, saying that...

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