Air Serbia suspends flights to Tel Aviv

(Tanjug, file)

Air Serbia suspends flights to Tel Aviv

BELGRADE -- Serbian air carrier Air Serbia has announced that it has suspended all flights to Tel Aviv in Israel due to the crisis in the Gaza Strip.

The company explained late on Tuesday that the decision was in force for the next 24 hours, saying it continued to monitor the situation and "would inform passengers of any new information as it receives it."

Air Serbia said that it was acting to preserve the safety of its passengers and crew "in light of the current unstable situation."

Previously, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) said it "strongly recommended" to airliners to avoid flying to and from Tel Aviv, without mentioning any timeframe, and noting it would "monitor the situation."

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, on the other hand, prohibited U.S. airlines from flying to the Tel Aviv airport for 24 hours.

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