Loncar: Gov't has delivered on promises in first 100 days

BELGRADE - Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar has said that, in the first 100 days, the government has delivered on most promises.

“Conditions have been created for us to come out of the gray zone, and advance towards a system in which the state will know what belongs to it, and where it can get that, and by this I also mean taxes and contributions,” Loncar said in a live broadcast on Radio-Television of Serbia on Sunday.

Speaking about the health ministry's work in the first 100 days, he pointed to the ministry's prompt reaction during the May floods and the fact that the epidemics were avoided, which earned the commendation from the World Health Organization.

He notes that the results of the steps taken in the previous 100 days and major changes in the health system citizens will yet be able to feel, adding that waiting lists will be reduced by 10-15 percent by the end of the year.

As of September, the government will set up a fund for children's rare diseases, and a radiation therapy machine for cancer patients will be put into operation in Nis on Wednesday, Loncar said.

Photo Tanjug, N. Jovanovic (archive)

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