Turkey urges utmost care during travels to African countries hit by Ebola outbreak

Nigeria health officials wait to screen passengers at the arrival hall of Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria, Monday, Aug. 4, 2014. AP Photo

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry has warned citizens to show the utmost care in the case of travelling to the four African countries that were hit by the Ebola outbreak, while cautioning citizens for such care when travelling to other regional countries as well.

The spread of the deadly Ebola virus is still out of control, the Foreign Ministry noted in a statement posted on its official website late Aug. 4, while referring to the updated data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to WHO, as of Aug. 1, the cumulative number of cases attributed to the Ebola virus disease in the four countries stands at 1,603 including 887 deaths. The distribution and classification of the cases are as follows: Guinea, 485 cases (340 confirmed, 133 probable, and 12 suspected) including 358 deaths; Liberia, 468 cases (129 confirmed, 234 probable, and 105 suspected) including 255 deaths; Nigeria, 4 cases (0 confirmed, 3 probable, 1 suspected) including 1 death; and Sierra Leone, 646 cases (540 confirmed, 46 probable, and 60 suspected) including 273 deaths.

“While Ebola cases have been designated in these countries, it is being understood that the outbreak is spread regionally,” the ministry said, noting WHO has not so far issued any travel restrictions due to Ebola outbreak.

Citizens who travel to countries where Ebola is seen and other regional countries should show the utmost care for hygiene, the ministry said. It added that citizens should also avoid going into crowded places and consuming animal products.

The Foreign Ministry strongly advised citizens ahead of their travels to follow warnings and announcements that may be released by their own ministry, the Health Ministry and Turkish Embassies and to...

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