Patient Isolated Under Suspicion of Having Ebola

Patient Isolated Under Suspicion of Having Ebola

On the Infectious disease clinic in Belgrade, the very first patient was admitted under suspicion of having Ebola virus. Nevertheless, after further analysis, it was confirmed that the patient only has pneumonia.

- The patient was directed to us by the doctor from the heartland of Serbia because the patient had temperature for a few days. Also, he recently spent some time in Libya, which is why we were even more suspicious. We are monitoring his health condition, but for now, there are no signs of Ebola virus – says Dr. Delić.


Infectious clinic has a special department for isolation, and if the patient really has infectious disease, the whole department will be closed immediately. Everyone from the staff at the department would have to stay in quarantine during the period of incubation, which is around 21 days. Each person who would enter the section after that would have to stay as well.


- When this patient came, I examined him and few of my colleagues offered to do it instead, which says a lot about their dedication. Even few of the nurses, that had the day off, offered to come to work and stay for as long as it takes - says Dr. Delić.


Safety equipment for doctors and nurses include masks, suits and gloves, but it is far from the one needed if the patient really had Ebola.

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