SNS urged "to be committed to public interest"


SNS urged "to be committed to public interest"

POŽAREVAC -- Aleksandar Vučić says "Serbia is the priority of the SNS," and "warned all members who do not realize this there will be no place for them in the party."

Vučić serves as Serbia's prime minister and is the leader of the ruling Serb Progressive Party (SNS).

At a meeting of the SNS main board, Vučić said that, due to issues in the state, he cannot dedicate as much of his energy to the party as needed, and called on members to demonstrate full responsibility and commitment to the interests of the state.

He also urged members of the main committee not to waste their time and energy on conflicts within the party, but to work in the interest of Serbian citizens, and signaled changes in the main committee.

“Try working 10-12 hours a day and it will not even cross your mind to deal with conflicts within the party and set-ups,” Vučić said, noting that this happened at the party's top tier.

The SNS leader said that he knows what is happening in local self-governments, so it should come as no surprise when those who broke the moral norms or law are held to account before the party or court.

He warned that certain individuals should not be surprised by the state's reaction to what they have done or think that something is taking place covertly just because they believe they are far from Belgrade or that he cannot not see that first-hand.

“I urge you to pull yourself together. Think of what you would have left behind in your cities and municipalities. Every moment, you should have that in mind and be aware that things can change,” he said.

He took Belgrade as a positive example of the local...

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