Bulgaria's Newly Appointed 'Elections Minister' Steps Down

Krasimira Medarova. Photo by BGNES

Krasimira Medarova, announced by President Rosen Plevneliev as a minister in charge of elections in the caretaker government, has decided not to stand down.

Medarova, who was to oversee the preparation of the October 5 snap poll, announced her decision in an open letter to the media, just two days after President Plevneliev issued a decree to appoint her.

She said "public response" to her appointment stood behind her decision not to take the portfolio.

If she retained the position, this could "cast doubt over the fairness of the upcoming parliamentary elections," Medarova, who is perceived as affiliated to center-right GERB party, explained.

Earlier on Sunday a think-tank called the Right Policies Institute, have so far called on Plevneliev to backpedal and point another expert to oversee the early elections.

Medarova was the CEC's Chairman between 2011 and 2013, in the second half of GERB government's tenure and also during the first months of Plamen Orsharski's cabinet. She had to vacate the position early in 2014 as the new Electoral Code prevented acting judges to be members of the watchdog.

An emergency meeting was scheduled at the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) on Monday at Medarova's own request.

The session was aimed at temporarily removing Medarova from her office at the Sofia Court of Appeals, as her membership at the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) during the Bliznashki cabinet's tenure would have again been incompatible with the position of a magistrate.

In the letter, however, she declared she would withdraw the request.

The post of "Elections Minister" was widely expected in President Plevneliev's caretaker government.

Plevneliev, however, initially refrained from...

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