"Serbia's EU road will not be blocked"

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"Serbia's EU road will not be blocked"

BELGRADE -- Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić is convinced that "no one has the intention or desire to stop Serbia on its European path."

According to him, introduction of "Schengen visas for Serbian citizens" is not realistic.

"We respect Europe, we want to be part of it, but we ask that Serbia's voice is respected and to preserve our national identity and integrity," Vučić said in an interview with Večernje Novosti, when asked "if Brussels will terminate Serbia's European integration unless it turned its back on Moscow."

Vučić reiterated that Serbia will not change its position towards Russia and believes this will not endanger "the European road."

"We will always respect the views of others. But people elected us to implement a policy of Serbian interests and not interests of foreign countries. This is our answer today and will be tomorrow," he added.

Vučić said that Germany "never asked Serbia not to interfere with the presence of Kosovo in the UN" and called claims to the contrary "speculation."

"I believe in the word of Angela Merkel and I am confident that Serbia will open chapters 32 and 35 even during this year," Vučić said, adding that "it was not true that entry of Serbs to the Kosovo parliament represented indirect recognition of the so-called state of Kosovo."

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