Opposition alliance wants vote by correspondence

ACL held a meeting in the Grand Hall of the National Theatre of Iasi (northeastern Romania) on Sunday Photo credit (c): ADRIAN CUBA / AGERPRES PHOTO

The Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL, made up of the National Liberal and Democratic Liberal parties) calls for the introduction of the vote by correspondence; ACL say it would facilitate voting for citizens abroad, which are just as important for the country as those residing in Romania.

'The respect for the constitutional rights, including those of [citizens] working and living abroad, is a responsibility assumed by ACL and the presidential candidate of the united Right, Klaus Iohannis', the alliance stated in a release to AGERPRES on Sunday.

The Liberals say that the correspondence voting has already proved its efficiency in Britain, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Spain; ACL reminds they have already proposed legalizing the vote by electronic and remote communication means, but the main ruling Social Democratic Party (PSF) opposed to it.

The release mentions that fears of easier frauds in votes by correspondence are unfounded. 'It's just like fearing tax avoidance would lead in cancelling all taxes,' the document reads.

ACL wants this measure introduced following a complete legislative process. 'We should not see again modifications of the electoral law by emergency ordinances, just months before the elections,' it says.

The proposed mechanism is as follows: citizens wishing to vote by correspondence, from abroad, should file a request to the Standing Electoral Authority (AEP); AEP validates the request based on data in the Electoral Registry, and sends the ballot accompanied by the proof for voting by correspondence to the voter; the voter mails the vote and the proof, in a sealed envelope, to AEP; AEP forwards it to the Special Electoral Bureau, which should operate just like College Electoral Bureaus; the...

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