Ponta: Romania, China Governments considering Bucharest - Iasi - Chisinau high-speed rail project

Premier Victor Ponta meets Tianjin mayor Huang Xing Guo Photo credit: (c) Simion MECHNO / AGERPRES STREAM

AGERPRES special correspondent Daniel Florea reports: Premier Victor Ponta said on Tuesday that the Governments of Romania and China are looking into plans to build a high-speed rail on the route Bucharest-Iasi-Chisinau which is an alternative to a previously considered project envisaging the Bucharest-Constanta route.

"The plan to have such a railway line, because it's not just about the train, but mainly about the railway that allows such speeds, is a plan the Chinese Government is highly particular about. Prime Minister Li Keqiang presented it last year when he visited Bucharest and it refers not just to Romania, but to all countries in Central and Eastern Europe. And now Mr. [Transports] Minister Rus is having more advanced talks because this pilot project cannot be implemented on the Bucharest-Constanta line, because this is on a European corridor and the European Commission objects to a new project. But with what we proposed and with the feasibility studies that will soon be available there would be a line linking Bucharest to Iasi and farther on to Chisinau. Of course, the costs are quite high, but as a pilot project for Central and Eastern Europe I'd like Romania to be the first to have such a line, and the technology developed by China in recent years has proven to be extremely performing and safe," the Romanian Prime Minister said in Beijing, after visiting Tianjin city this Tuesday.


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