New ambassadors in Belgrade give letters of credence

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic received on Thursday letters of credence from new ambassadors of Albania, Poland, Latvia, Oman, Namibia, who conveyed the desire of their countries to strengthen bilateral and economic relations even further.

When presenting the credentials at the Palace of Serbia, new Albanian Ambassador Ilir Bocka noted that relations between the two countries and peoples are developing in a dynamic direction at the moment.

I will effectively contribute to strengthening cooperation that brings us closer together and makes us feel as closer neighbors when tackling challenges facing our countries on the path toward joining the European family, Bocka said.

The Serbian president underscored that Serbia wants good relations with Albania, a respectable neighbor and regional partner.

"Serbia-Albania relations are a key to the stability of the entire region and an important element of further progress along the road toward EU membership, which both countries aspire to," Nikolic said.

When giving the letter of credence to President Nikolic, new Polish Ambassador Aleksander Checko said that Serbia could learn a lot from his country's experience along the EU path.

Poland completed the EU accession process ten years ago. That was a difficult process, but Poland's experiences along the path could help you avoid the same mistakes, Checko said in Serbian.

He noted that relations between the two countries and peoples have always been excellent and friendly, and underlined that nothing will change in that respect.

President Nikolic said that it is Serbia's desire and commitment to foster and further improve relations with Poland, with which it is traditionally...

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