Nikolic opens bridge sponsored by Serb from Canada

KRALJEVO - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic declared open a bridge in Kraljevo on Friday, which will be named Glavcic's Bridge after its sponsor Milomir Glavcic, a Serb from Canada, who donated EUR 1 million for its construction.

Addressing the citizens, Nikolic said that the essence of Glavcic's Bridge does not lie only in what is obvious - that this was a necessary, capital project which will contribute to the city's development and prosperity.

"This bridge has another dimension, the human one that we must not forget. Kindness, great love of homeland has been built into this bridge, as this Serb from Canada has never forgotten his home," President Nikolic said.

Milomir Glavcic is a Canadian, but Serbia in which he was born has a special place in his heart and thoughts, Canadian Ambassador to Serbia Roman Waschuk said.

As we have heard in his letter, although he lives thousands of kilometers away from his place of birth, with this bridge he will remain present here as invisible, but concrete support to the urban network of your Kraljevo, Waschuk told the gathered citizens.

After the opening ceremony, the Serbian president told reporters that the Dragica Nikolic Foundation secured construction materials for building 180 houses that were damaged in the area of Kraljevo in the severe floods that hit Serbia in mid-May.

The president's wife, Dragica Nikolic, said that the construction materials for the houses that will be built in the worst affected neighborhood of Grdica will be distributed on Tuesday, adding that the Foundation will ensure that every house gets the necessary furniture too.

Photo Tanjug, S. Petrovic

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