Sertic: Economy and jobs in focus of govt attention

BELGRADE - Serbian Minister of Economy Zeljko Sertic stated late on Friday that the government has never shown greater determination in the past 20 to 30 years when it comes to the shift of focus to economy, employment increase and creation of a favourable business environment.

Addressing the conference to mark the second year of existence of the Italian business association Confindustria Serbia, Sertic said that government representatives have never been more criticised than they are not when it comes to the situation in the country and the areas that need to change.

The government will make room for a different business environment within a very short period of time and the business climate in Serbia will be better than it ever was before, Sertic said.

As the president of the Confindustria Serbia which gathers 140 members in the country, Erik Kosuta stated that Serbia is an attractive business destination to Italian companies because Belgrade has signed favourable free customs agreements on export with Turkey and Russia.

Export from Serbia to Russia continues to develop and the potential in the area is enormous, Kosuta said.

He qualified as positive the adoption of the new Labour Law, which will make room for better operation conditions for foreign investors in Serbia.

Photo Tanjug/S. Radovanovic, archive

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