23.34% Voter Turnout by 1 pm in Bulgaria’s Early Elections

Photo by BGNES

Voter turnout in Sunday's early parliamentary elections stood at 23.34% by 1 pm, according to Bulgaria's Central Electoral Commission (CEC).

According to the CEC, a total of 1 603 988 Bulgarians cast ballots by 1 pm on Sunday.

In the early elections in May 2013, voter turnout by 1 pm on Election Day stood at 27.47%, according to the watchdog.

The CEC received 15 complaints and 77 signals for breaches of election rules by 1 pm on Sunday.

According to polling agency Gallup International, voter turnout by 2 pm on Sunday stood at 28%.

Dimitar Ganev told the Bulgarian National Radio that voter turnout in the early parliamentary elections in May 2013 had amounted to around 30% by that time of the day, while the voter turnout at the European Parliament elections in May 2014 had amounted to 22.7% by that hour

He specified that around 3 400 000 people had voted by 2 pm on Sunday in Bulgaria.

He said that the group of people aged 65+ accounted for the highest share of voters so far, while those aged 18-25 accounted for the smallest share of voters.

Ganev noted that 44% of the people who had cast ballots by 2 pm had completed secondary education, 40% had university diplomas, and 16% had completed primary education or had no degree whatsoever.

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