Next Parliament Could Represent 'Up to 95%' of Bulgaria's Voters - Expert

Photo by BGNES

The forthcoming Bulgarian legislature will be the first one in which 95 percent of voters will be represented in Parliament, sociologist Zhivko Georgiev from Gallup agency told the Bulgarian National Television.

Another political expert, Petko Georgiev, has dismissed his remark, saying results suggest votes of 2 percent of those eligible to vote are now enough to make it into Parliament.

October 5's vote is expected to have the lowest voter turnout in 25 years, BGNES wire service reports.

If exit poll results are confirmed, for the first time since 2005 more than seven (or as many as seven) political parties will be represented in parliament.

Partial count data is expected as early as October 6, but official figures will not be available until Thursday, October 9.

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