Prime minister satisfied with new EC report


Prime minister satisfied with new EC report

BELGRADE -- Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić said on Wednesday the European Commission report on Serbia's progress is "better than all the other reports in the region."

Vučić spoke after his meeting with visiting Austrian Foreing Minster Sebastian Kurz to add that "U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden also has very pronounced respect for Serbia, its leadership and what they do."

"When I talk to Sebastian Kurz I cannot hide a smile. The fact I'm tired is because I'm tired from two days of careful reading of the report - it took me 12 hours to read it and then I carefully worked on the report for 12 hours more, so even if I have dark circles under my eyes I got them from the report," Vučić told a joint news conference, according to Tanjug.

Speaking about his recent phone conversation with Biden, Vučić said that "his words were much kinder and nicer and spoke more good about Serbia than what was delivered to the media in a statement," adding that "Serbia is very grateful to the United States for its support to reforms in Serbia."

Asked "whether Austria has given more aid after the floods than Russia," Vučić said that Serbia respects each country and that the Russians were quick to send rescue teams, but that Austria gave more aid to repair the damage.

He reiterated that the UAE, Austria, Norway, and Japan were top donors.

Vučić also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Serbia on October 16 - as the 70th anniversary of the WW2 liberation of Belgrade will be taking place - and that the country "is not ashamed to talk about this, but on the contrary, is proud of its anti-fascist struggle."


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