Wilhelm: Serbian govt working to improve relations in region

BELGRADE - The Serbian government is investing great efforts in improving the relations in the region, German Ambassador in Serbia Heinz Wilhelm said on Wednesday and added that Serbia has become a constructive player, not just because of the talks with Pristina but also over the improving relations with Croatia.

Wilhelm recalled that Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama would soon visit Belgrade and added that this constitutes one more example of good regional cooperation.

It is important to bring people closer and achieve reconciliation in the region where wounds are still open and some of them are still bleeding, Wilhelm told a meeting on the cooperation of the media in the region.

He noted that the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs would continue to support the project of the first regional news show 'Okruzenje' (Enironment) broadcasted in eight countries in the region.

We want to continue supporting the initiative and encourage it further, Wilhelm said and expressed the hope that television stations would show greater interest in the project.

He noted that the aim of the show is to bring people closer in the entire region, adding that the German government allocated EUR 140,000 for the project.

President of the Management Board of the Centre for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe Erhard Busek said that the show both brings the region closer to Europe and also creates a stable society.

The project is important in the spreading of knowledge about the countries in the region, Busek said and added that he would advise other regions in Europe to initiate such a show. He noted that this is not a project for regional governments, but for the civil society and that it is very...

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