Putin is welcome, EU remains strategic goal

BELGRADE - Serbia's Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday that the economic recovery of the country was based on political stability, so a nationally responsible and balanced foreign policy was very important.

Serbia's position is clear - Serbia is moving towards the EU, and that is its strategic goal, but it has not imposed sanctions on Russia for a number of reasons, with the economic reasons posing as the more important ones, he told TV Pink.

Commenting on Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Belgrade scheduled for October 16, he stated that President Tomislav Nikolic and he were careful about the kind of signals they would send to the world during the visit.

Yugoslav Partisans and the Red Army loberated Belgrade from German Nazi occupation 70 years ago, so it is important that Serbia show respect at the anniversary ceremony for all those who helped liberate Belgrade, Vucic noted.

Responding to criticism concerning Putin's arrival, the Serbian prime minister said officials from other countries would also visit Belgrade after Putin. "The important thing is that Serbia is a place everybody visits and we are proud of that," he remarked.

He refused to say whether there had been pressure against Putin coming to Belgrade, adding that he would not speak of it even if it had happened. "The people who take advantage of private conversations are dishonest," he said.

Most of the people will be satisfied with the military parade, which Putin will attend and which will be the first such event in Serbia in 29 years, he pointed out.

"The military parade will show that Serbia has the strongest army in the region, that the military is a powerful factor of the country's stability and...

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