Candidate Ponta: President Basescu lusts for power, candidate Iohannis for positions

Photo credit: (c) Liviu SOVA / AGERPRES PHOTO

Incumbent Prime Minister Victor Ponta, running for president, said that President Traian Basescu and candidate Klaus Iohannis have a joint strategy, trying to repeat the 2009 and 2012 feat of winning power by gambling.

"I want to make a clear announcement. I will go gather Romanians' votes. If Romanians were betrayed and deceived in 2009, if they voted in 2012 to get rid of an illegitimate president and failed, in 2014 I will win the elections and after many years, Romanians will finally have the president they wish and they also vote," Ponta said in a campaign visit to northeastern Iasi on Tuesday.


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