FOREIGNER, IN LOVE WITH ROMANIA Hisham Tageldin Mohamed Osman, a Sudanese doctor in Marin Sorescu's Bulzesti

Photo credit: (c) Maria MITRICA / AGERPRES PHOTO

Hisham Tageldin Mohamed Osman is a 43 year-old Sudanese man who became a family physician in the village of Fratila, part of the commune of Bulzesti, Dolj County, the birthplace of renowned Romanian writer Marin Sorescu. The Sudanese doctor with a name that is too complicated for the locals of Bulzesti to pronounce has got to work at Fratila because no other doctor would come to work there. In the beginning, he had to work in just one room, with no waiting room, no equipment, in a place unattractive to patients, buy now the village has the only 24/7 medical centre in the county that has an ambulance and serves more than 8,000 people in the area.

The doctor feels here like home, especially because in 1995 he married a nurse from the commune of Mischii, where they are living, and they have a son, Iosif, 15, who wants to become a surgeon. He says he is one of the foreigners in love with Romania and that he would not leave Romania for more than one and a half month to raise money to bring more equipment for the medical centre. Yet, he has not forgotten about his birthplace. He would like to work in a poor area of the Sudan, where to set up a similar medical centre, before retiring.


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