Bosnia Police Crack Marketing Crime Gang

Bosnia's State Investigative and Protection Agency, SIPA, has arrested seven persons in an action codenamed "Gibraltar" after conducting raids in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar, Posusje and Grude, related to financial crime and corruption.

Among the suspects were some well known names from marketing agencies, the world of television and telecommunications companies.

SIPA said the suspects, using "falsified or bad agreements and invoices... to illegally gain material benefit of more than 5 million euro from alleged purchases of TV rights and services, which to a large part were not really traded".

The Bosnian Prosecutor's Office said that several hundred policemen were involved in the swoop.

"This is about persons suspected... of organized crime related to misuse of position or authorities, making damaging agreements, tax fraud, money laundering and illegal transactions worth millions", the Prosecutor's Office said.

The Prosecutor's Office named the suspects as Neven Kulenovic, director of the marketing agency S.V.R.S.A., two others from the same company; Lajla Torlak, deputy general manager of Pink BH television; Darko Aleksic; Ejub Kucuk, director of Mita Group; Senad Zaimovic, director of Fabrika marketing agency; Stipe Prlic, director of Eronet telecoms and Zoran Bakula.


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