Serbian and Macedonian minister discuss military cooperation

Serbian and Macedonian minister discuss military cooperation

BELGRADE -- Serbian Defense Minister Bratislav Gašić and his Macedonian counterpart Zoran Jolevski met in Belgrade on Wednesday.

They discussed "perspectives for improvement of the two countries' cooperation and regional cooperation."

The delegations of the Serbian Defense Ministry and the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Macedonia previously met in the Guard House at Topčider on Tuesday and after the two-hour talks, Gašić told reporters that the two sides managed to achieve an agreement on intensification of military-educational and military-to-military cooperation.

"We also discussed exchange of experiences when it comes to participation in peacekeeping operations, utilization of our capacities in bases South and Krusevac and joint unit preparations for emergency situations," the Serbian minister said.

Gašić noted that the talks with Jolevski covered a number of joint topics, including the increased security risks in the region due to the participation of certain citizens from the area in combat operations abroad.

Jolevski said that he highly appreciates the valuable exchange of experiences on participation in peacekeeping missions because the process of education and training is a very important foundation for the development of any army.

He noted that this is the reason why he visited the Military Academy and the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade and inquired about the institutions' capacities which he qualified as rather impressive.

Jolevski said that the Skopje Military Academy intends to realise close and immediate cooperation with the institutions in Belgrade.

Gašić and Jolevski took...

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