Socialist Leader Mihail Mikov Vows BSP Will Be Constructive Opposition

Photo by BGNES

The Bulgarian Socialist Party will throw its support behind all projects of national importance, the party's Chairman Mihail Mikov said at the 43rd National Assembly's inaugural session.

Mikov, who held a meeting with GERB counterpart Boyko Borisov on Sunday, reiterated his party was determined to remain in opposition and to work for improvement in a number of areas, including the judiciary.

"We will submit alternative projects. We will back projects we agree with and introduce new when we do not agree. We will work to improve the quality of independent regulators. We will take part in parliamentary control," the socialists' leader declared.

He asserted the BSP will also seek to contribute to solving issues of national importance such as the crisis at Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB), the budget overhaul and problems within the energy sector.

Mikov also voiced his hopes that the next Parliament could help restore trust "in the state, in its institutions and multi-party democracy".

The BSP will fully support economic progress, but will not demand it as "an end in itself", since "economic progress does not ensure social justice, and economic progress without social justice is serving the interest of a very limited group of people, Mikov warned."

His party will also insist on tough measures to tackle youth unemployment and will maintain its stance for the introduction of a progressive tax system, bigger pensions, care for the disabled and also for small and medium enterprises.

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