Government Negotiations Agony Extends Into Next Week

Rumyana Bachvarova and Tomislav Donchev. Photo: BGNES

GERB sets a deadline till Monday for the Reformist Bloc (RB) to make up its mind on the political formula of the next Bulgarian government.

After a three-hour meeting with RB representatives, GERB MEP Tomislav Donchev told journalists there were three stages - finding of the right political formula, definition of decision-making mechanisms and the make-up of the government.

"We are at stage one," Donchev said. "Without a consensus, we cannot have a result." According to him, if until Monday there was no final decision, "the prognosis is very grim".

The RB co-chairperson Meglena Kuneva, who took part in the meeting told journalists the two formations have no principal differences in their programmes, but added that until everything is settled, nothing is settled.

Both the representatives of GERB and the RB refused to comment on European People's Party (EPP) Group head Joseph Daul's recommendations to exclude the nationalist Patriotic Front from the eventual future government.

According to Rumyana Bachvarova of GERB, there was no pressure for forming a minority government.

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